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We service all brands of LCD's, plasmas, DVD players, VCR players, stereo systems, GPS systems, amplifiers, receivers, radios and much more! All service on electronic items is performed in our shop by our factory trained technicians. If you cannot bring your electronic to Sandy's, we offer and delivery and removal. However, the fee for removal and delivery varies on the town you live in and the size of your unit. Sandy's requests an upfront deposit. This deposit will be deducted from the total cost of your repair after the repair is finished. Deposit fees are nonrefundable should your unit be determined unrepairable; this is to compensate for our time to take apart your TV and assess the problem, decide what parts are needed, research price and availability of those parts and to quote your repair.


Small Electronics = $40.00
CRT TV UNDER 36" = $40.00
CRT TV OVER 36" = $60.00
Thin Screen UNDER 37" = $60.00
Thin Screen OVER 37" = $100.00
Projection TV = $100.00


Appliances are serviced in your home. The basic fee for a service call to the house is $65.00 and is nonrefundable and not deducted from the final repair bill. This charge is to go out to a location, assess the problem, decide what parts are needed and research price and availability of those parts. When we determine which parts and services are needed, there is a installation charge of $66.00 per hour which we bill in 15 minute intervals. If you bring in the appliance to our shop for repair, there is no service call fee, there is a deposit fee of $40.00, which will be taken out of the total cost of repair.